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"There's a way to do it better - find it." - Thomas A. Edison 

In 1972 our family started selling socks and stocking in street markets and trade fairs especially in Northern part of Italy. We focused on quality and price of the products, through a direct and flexible sales channel.

In the early 90s we tried to find a different way, because the world was changing and we wanted to keep in step with the times: we decided to expand salesincluding shops and other markets.

We have always worked to improve the standard of our products, both in the materials and in manufacturing, to meet customer requirements and needs. Even our clients were changed: they became regular customers, and they started to consider us as point of reference for their purchases.

The strength of our company has always been a good value-for-money: in our socks and stockings you can find a combination of comfort and elegance at a very competitive prices.

In 2015 we wanted to follow again the evolution of society and technology, adding online sales to the traditional direct sales. The e-commerce gives everybody the opportunity to buy our products in a few clicks from every PC, laptop and smartphone.

Our aim is to reach all the people that loves Italian fashion offering high-quality stockings and socks.